Monday, December 18, 2006

What should I blog about?

I started a blog before 2007--I made the media's cutoff.

The person of the year!

My secret affair with Nancy Pelosy.

More 38 Geary buses, please! (to the tune of "More Ovalatine, please!)

Drinking red wine that's been open waaaaay too long.

Eating the orange slices that come with Thai food.

MyCokeRewards points--it's a scam! You can only enter 9 codes at a time. 9? 9! 9?!?!

Eating the orange slices that come with your eggs--"[They're] the best part of the meal...especially if they fuck up the eggs."

Talking about restaurants with funny names in other parts of the country that you've never been to:

  • Bill Napps
  • Tim Hortons
  • Bob Evans
Why are they all named after bowling-league captians?

Why I can't spell captain.

Captains I like:


Playing the Mc game with my boyfriend:

Stupid McStupidson over there...

Snoopy McDooopy is a real bonehead...

Snarly McSnarlerson needs to brush his teeth...

Watching Couplings on the BBC DVD and thinking Brits do have shoddy teeth.

British slang words!

Rebelling against spellcheck