Saturday, April 07, 2007

I hope I'm not addicted to coffee...

coffee heart

I used to live in this typical San Francisco apartment--it had a long hallway with all the rooms off to the right--on Hayes and Lyon with two guys, Tom and Adam, who were in different punk rock bands. How I ended up there is a story for another time, but I remember one Saturday morning we were having a casual roommate meeting in the kitchen (our only common room as Adam's room was the living room) because we all happened to be home at the same time.

One issue was Adam's compost--we have a compost, I thought? Cool! Of course, I had no idea how to use it, but still, I liked the idea that my grungy rockers were eco-friendly. I think Adam also had a lot of organic, homemade food in jars in the fridge, but my memory fails me, so Adam, no offense.

Anyway, before the discussion really got going, Adam stopped us and put his hand to his head. I could see a bulging vein and hear the strain in his voice: "Before we do this, I really need coffee." I thought he was trying to cop out of the meeting--and having had many a pointless "roommate meetings," I couldn't blame him, especially since the focus seemed to be on him.

So, I joked that we'd be done soon and let's just get this over with. Big mistake. He flashed his eyes up at me and looked at me with a mix of pain and anger. "No, I NEED coffee!" And with that, he was up and out the door, probably going to our local shop, which has nice coffee and the best bagels, plus a really chill staff.

I looked at Tom in disbelief. "He's addicted to coffee." What? Now, I've heard of people who can't "function" in the morning without their first cup, but is this what they meant? I was still in college at the time and hadn't yet experience the 9 to 5 grind, so I thought I still had time to save myself from this horrible affliction.

I have started my mornings with a nice cup of coffee ever since I started my new job--at my old job, I would have it a few times a week thing, but Adam's bulging vein would remind me to have tea or water once in a while so as not to get addicted.

But alas, the fog is hanging heavy in San Francisco this morning (I was up early to move the car), and I have just made a cup of Peet's House Blend in the French Press with some soy milk and Splenda. It is SOOOOO good. I can see why people get addicted, but I hope I am not addicted to coffee.

P.S. Thanks to Webshots member dhwanisharshi for the awesome photo!


Anonymous said...

i remember that apartment...

Jessica said...

I wouldn't of had a place to live that summer if it wasn't for you!