Thursday, August 23, 2007

Web 2.0 Burger Joint

Andrew sent this to CNET Spam and gave me the link to where it was originally posted on Center Networks. Check it out as their version has some additional background and tasty links, but I am all about this Web 2.0 menu!


If there were a web 2.0 burger joint, this would be the menu:

* The Mashable: Comes with 49 types of cheese, 16 sauces, 32 packets of salt and 9 varieties of beef.

* The Calacanis: It's a simple burger, there are no fixins and you will not comment to the staff about the quality.

* The Twitter: Small beef burger which may or may not arrive at your table but if it does, everyone will know you are eating it.

* The Facebook: Burger comes without anything on it, you add whatever you like later on.

* The Scoble: Burger comes with free video explaining how the burger was made, what's on the burger and a free Seagate burger manager.

* The Digg: Twenty burgers are served tableside. Whichever burger receives the most amount of votes from the other guests is the burger which you shall eat. Some burgers will appear better than others.

* The Skype: Burger will be missing one of the items you requested; the establishment will blame the store down the street for not including the missing item.

* The Microsoft: It's not sure what type of burger it wants to be.

* The Apple: The most beautiful burger ever.

* The AT&T: Will be served with a side of 400 potatoes in a box even though you asked for no potatoes.

* The Google: Upon purchasing The Google, all other burgers currently on order will be acquired by The Google.

* The Zune: Probably tastes good but looks like crap.

* The Revision3: Order this burger and get a coupon for a free The Digg burger to be used on your next visit.

* The WebbAlert: This burger may be closer than it appears.

* The MizPee: A directory of nearby toilets will be provided in case said burger does not agree with one's self.

* The Ustream: You will watch another person eat a burger live.

* The YouTube: You will watch yourself eat the same burger 1 million times.

* The Pownce: See The Twitter burger

* The SecondLife: You won't feel full after eating this burger.

* The Read/WriteWeb: The smartest burger on the menu.

* The GoDaddy: This burger comes with a variety of large-breasted women all of whom have nothing to do with burgers but don't they look good?

* The Mahalo: The burger won't be fully cooked but it will come with a how-to on how to properly eat a burger.

* The Valleywag: The staff won't check the ingredients for this burger, they just use whatever they are sent.

* The Real: Comes with a string that once eaten, will follow behind you everywhere you go. No matter how hard you try, you can't remove the string.

* The Crazy Egg: This burger will come with a heatmap showing how others ate the burger before you.

* The Ryan Carson: The most organised, perfectly formed burger on the menu.

* The Popurls: This burger will take pieces from the other burgers to make its own.

* The Original Signal: Similar to the Popurls burger.

* The Clicky: After you eat the burger, stats will be provided on fat consumption, miles to run to burn off burger, where the burger meat came from, and to what extent others may have eaten the same burger.

* The Lending Club: If you can't afford this burger, they will help you get a loan to pay for the burger.

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